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Experienced Finnish translation agency that guarantees your satisfaction

Welcome! At Logoteknia, our professional translators will translate almost anything to any language, quickly and easily. Our pool of native translators translate into over 80 different languages, such as Finnish, English, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and many others.

Can we translate even the most difficult texts of your specialization, full of technical terms? Will the work be delivered on time? Is the translation certainly by a native speaker of the target language? Yes, yes and yes.

We know that comparing translation agencies, translators and interpreters is difficult. That is why we simply quarantee your satisfaction. What does that mean?

We will make sure that the result is excellent. We can guarantee this because of over 12 years of experience spanning nearly all sectors of business, industry and the research and marketing worlds.

Call +358 44 9898298, email info@logoteknia.com or fill out the contact form to request a quote today. We are happy to answer your questions within 24 hours. Requesting a quote is non-binding.

We have successfully completed more than 1,000 projects in Finland and abroad. Here are a few examples of our customers who are usually demanding and require absolute accuracy:

Examples of our satisfied customers

Neste Corporation We implemented the Finnish versions of the operating instructions and documentation for the power plant subsystems. In addition, the correspondence, inspection reports and permits of this international project were translated from English to Finnish or vice versa, as necessary.

This was a project that requires extreme accuracy and attention to detail. Even a small unit error or other seemingly small error can cause, in the worst case, hundreds of thousands or even millions of euros worth of damages. If something is incorrectly planned or built on the site, it will cause delays, repairs or dismantling.

The project was a great and timely success.

Atria Plc We translated the operating instructions and documentation of the machines and equipment of the entire food production plant from English to Finnish..

Microsoft Several terms of use, instructions for use and technical documentation for various software and online services..

3M Brochures and instructions for use of various mounting and fastening accessories..

Haas This largest manufacturer of machining centers in the West is also known to the general public as the main sponsor of a Formula 1 team. They ordered a translation and proofreading of the full website and the operating instructions for all their machining centers..

Our other clients include Canyon Bicycles, Eaton, Lappeenrannan teknillinen yliopisto (LUT), Kemira, Tekes, Valtiokonttori, Terex, Toyota, Thermo Fisher, UPS, Vaisala and many others. That is why we are sure that we can also help you with translations, proofreading, interpreting and other matters related to language services.

Our services are used by professionals from many fields, including engineers, project managers, doctors and lawyers.
They know that even minor translation errors could result in:

  • Angry clients, delays and complaints.
  • At worst, disputes that are resolved in court.
  • Misunderstandings.
  • Embarrassing, sometimes even life-threatening situations, if, for example, there is even one word wrong in the instructions for use...
So far – in our more than 10-year history – nearly all of our customers have been satisfied with our translations. The best proof of high satisfaction is that up to 95% of our customers, that is almost everyone, would choose us again as their language services provider. Here's one fairly typical comment from our customer:
Smooth and professional

The cooperation was smooth and professional, and the translated texts were excellent. The company also knew how to help with technical matters and in creating language versions of our websites in addition to translation work.

Leila Rautio
Marketing chief
Yrjö Kukkapuro Collection

We created their whole English language website, including blogs, product descriptions, copy, terms of use and other parts. In addition, we did the text input for the Wordpress platform and solved implementation problems related to the multilingual site.

Whatever your language service needs are, we can certainly help. So why not contact us right now?

Just call +358 44 9898298, send email to info@logoteknia.com or fill out the contact form and we can discuss your project futher. We look forward to it.

How to get started?

We can, for example, agree on a small, affordable trial project so that you can see the quality of our work with your own eyes. We will be happy to tell you more.

How long does translation take?

That depends on your project. You can get a short translation of a few pages quickly, usually in just a couple of days. The best way to proceed is to contact us as early as possible, so that we can agree on a schedule.

Why pay for a translation if you know a language, such as English, yourself?

For example, the sentence structure of Finnish differs significantly from English. All its differences are usually only noticed by a professional and a native speaker - that is, usually your customer. And this is but one example. Every language in the world has thousands of details, nuances and differences that only an expert can take into account.

The professional will get the translation right the first time, and you won't become a laughing stock or run into trouble for an incorrect translation. It also saves you valuable time and effort.

Our translators are professionals and native speakers of their target languages. In addition, we utilize the best software, translation memory and terminology tools, and consult experts from various industries.

What is the experience of Logoteknia’s translators?

All our translators and interpreters are native speakers of the target language or specialized experts in it. Most hold academic degrees in linguistics or in healthcare, technology or other specialization.

In addition to degrees, our translators have unique experience of our demanding customer projects directly from the field – we don't just rely on theory!

We know how to accommodate tight business schedules and demanding workloads. The proof: more than a thousand successful translation and interpretation projects in various fields, from construction to medicine.

How does Logoteknia differ from other translation agencies?

Our customers choose us because of our high quality. We always strive for a first-class, error-free translation, from which you can understand everything clearly and precisely. This is not just lip service. We truly guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result.

If this sounds good, why not become one of our satisfied customers? You will be in good company with names such as Neste, Atria, Microsoft and many others.

Call +358 44 9898298 email info@logoteknia.com or fill out the contact form, and we can start.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Translator and translation agency CEO

Marek Burakowski
Logoteknia Oy

Our translation agency in numbers:

Number of translation projects completed: over 1,000
Words translated: over 2.5 million
Customer satisfaction: 96 % (2020)
The most popular language pairs according to the number of translation projects:

1. English-Finnish, 2. Finnish-English, 3. Finnish-Swedish, 4. Finnish-German, 5. Swedish-Finnish, 6. German-Finnish, 7. Spanish-Finnish, 8. Finnish-Chinese, 9. Finnish-Spanish, 10. Finnish-French, 11. Finnish-Danish, 12. Finnish-Arabic, 13. Finnish-Norwegian, 14. Finnish-Polish, 15. French-Finnish, 16. Finnish-Estonian, 17. Finnish-Russian, 18. Finnish-Latvian, 19. Finnish-Lithuanian, 20. Italian-Finnish

Translation orders by city (Finnish customers):

1. Helsinki, 2. Espoo, 3. Kuopio, 4. Vantaa, 5. Tampere 6. Lappeenranta, 7. Joensuu 8. Oulu, 9. Turku, 10. Jyväskylä, 11. Porvoo, 12. Lahti, 13. Vaasa, 14. Vaasa, 15. Kauniainen