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Logoteknia - Trusted Advisor in Translation

At Logoteknia, we are able to solve your language-related problems, large or small, whether you are a company or a private individual. We offer translation and interpretation services in many different languages. Our translators are either native speakers of their target language or highly qualified experts.

We have a wealth of experience in translating complex documents and other texts from a variety of different occupational fields. By letting us do the translation work for you, you can save your valuable time for other tasks. As a small and agile, yet professional and experienced agency, we are able to provide you a 100% satisfying result, and although we work independently, we always provide you an opportunity to give feedback for excellent results.

Contact us to learn more about our services either using the contact form, sending us email to info@logoteknia.com or by calling us at +358 44 9898298 (weekdays 9-17 GMT+3).