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Technical translations made by experts

  • Experience in translating thousands of technical documents.
  • A wide range of completed projects, ranging from user manuals to online store translations and documentation of entire industrial facilities, including machines, buildings, software and automation systems as well as environmental permits and standards. We also conduct interpretation of training sessions in the technical field.
  • In-depth knowledge of specialized terms and abbreviations in the field of technology, which require both understanding of the field and mastery of complexity and out-of-the-ordinary resources.
  • High quality is based on careful tailoring: familiarization with the product and its operation, as well as mastering the up-to-date vocabulary of the topic. We always take full responsibility for ensuring that the end result is excellent for both us and our customers.
  • A technical translator is a professional with appropriate education and experience, technical know-how, and the required accuracy. This background together with excellent project management has made us a reliable partner and that is why 95% of our customers use our services again.

    Translating demanding industrial and technical texts is one of our core competencies

    Large translation projects may contain hundreds of special terms and several dozen project-specific abbreviations. These situations emphasize the need for both mastery of the whole and uncompromising attention to detail.

    To ensure that the terms and text segments are consistent, we have the best available translation memory and term management tools in use.

    Our prices always include proofreading, because we only want to release fully ready and flawless text.

    Sometimes, unfortunately, this means that we have to refuse a new assignment, because translators and proofreaders only have a limited number of hours available in their day.

    A shorter translation can be just as challenging, especially since only the best quality is good enough. Everyone has sometimes bought a cheap imported device, the manual of which has been translated by machine or otherwise unprofessionally. It is clear that a quality product is also of high quality in terms of all the accompanying documentation.

    All translated documents, including non-marketing material, must be flawless linguistically and in content in order for the customer to repurchase the product and recommend it to others.

    Who are our technical translators?

    A technical translator is a professional with appropriate education and experience, technical know-how, and the required accuracy. This background together with excellent project management has made us a reliable partner and 95% of our customers use our services again.

    A good technical translator not only has a perfect command of the language, but also a comprehensive understanding of one or more areas of technology, acquired through training or otherwise, and the ability to apply this knowledge linguistically.

    What makes a good technical translation?

    Compiling a good technical translation is in practice very close to the work of a technical writer. All the meanings of the original text must be transferred to the target language using the technical expression of the target language.

    This means it is not enough for a translator to simply change terms from one language to another, even though we have very comprehensive glossaries of technology at our disposal. A good translator of technology understands the object, phenomenon or action described by the text with the help of the text and its supporting materials, such as technical drawings.

    A technical translator is also a technical writer who must understand, among other things, usability and technical communication and expression. This is where we are helped by more than ten years of experience in the industry.

    Interpreter for technical education

    What is the background of your interpreters? They are significantly less confused than the other interpreters we had.
    Operator participating in the training sessions interpreted by us

    We also offer skilled interpreters for technical training. In addition to language skills, interpreting also emphasizes communication skills and the ability to apply information quickly.

    Interpreting skills are to some extent an intrinsic quality. Not every good translator is capable of fluent simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, even if their language skills are sufficient. Even a very good translator is not necessarily a good interpreter, although most interpreters also work as translators.

    Our experienced interpreters familiarize themselves with the interpreting material carefully before the interpretation event, as there are no shortcuts to competence.

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